General Information Visa:

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Citizens of all countries including Portugal need to have Bangladesh visa endorsed on their passports for entering Bangladesh. Visa on arrival also available to Portuguese passport holders of certain types. [Please see visa on arrival for information]

While there is no definite time for processing of visa, the minimum time is 07 working days. Issuance of certain types of visa is subject to clearance from concerned authorities in Bangladesh and will take a longer time.

It is possible to send the visa application and relevant documents by post. In that case, the applicant is requested to enclose also the non-refundable visa processing fee in the form of postal cheque. If, after processing of the visa, the applicant wants to receive the passport back by return post, he/she will need to send an envelope with own address written on it along with postal fee of Euro 4.00. It is possible to send a single postal cheque for visa fee and postal fees together. However, please note that, for certain visa applications, personal appearance may be required and sending visa applications and relevant documents may not be an option.

The Embassy does not have any agent for processing visa (and for that matter, passport, travel permit or for any other consular service). The service seekers are advised to get in touch with the Embassy direct for all kinds of service.

The Embassy is authorised to process visa applications from passport holders of Portugal, Guinea Bissau, Cape Verde and Mozambique only. Applicants who are holders of any other passports may apply for visa at this Embassy, only if they have residence visa of Portugal.


Process of visa application:

  • Please fill visa application online at // While filling online, please skip the payment option at section 04. Please select the tab “FM” at section 06. After submitting the application online, please print it.
  • Please submit at the Embassy counter, or send by post to the Consular Section of the Embassy, the printed copy of the visa application along, the original passport with minimum 6 (six) months’ validity, photograph, visa processing fee and all common and specific supporting documents. In case of submission at the Embassy counter, a receipt will be provided to you. You will be notified the date of collecting the passport at the counter.
  • In case of non-opting for postal return, please receive the passport, in person, from the Embassy counter showing an original photo ID of yours on or after the delivery date mentioned on the receipt. A proper letter of authority will be required to be submitted, if a third person wants to receive the passport on your behalf.

Common documents required for visa application:

  • Original passport of the applicant and a copy of information page of the passport;
  • Printed copy of the visa application that has been submitted online;
  • Two copies of colour photographs with white background (45 mm× 35 mm);
  • Visa processing fee which is Euro 30 Euro for single entry, Euro 90 for multiple entry (where applicable) and Euro 50 for No-Visa-Required seal for Portuguese citizens; inquire at the Embassy counter for fees for citizens of other countries;
  • Additional specific documents depending on type of visa (mentioned below).

Visa processing fee:

For Portuguese citizens, visa processing fees are as follows: Euro 30 for single entry visa and Euro 90 Euro for multiple entry visa (where applicable). Fee for NVR is Euro 50.

Service hours:

Visa processing requires minimum 07 (Seven) working days.

Working hours for Embassy counter (on working days only):
Receiving of documents and passports: 9.30 am - 12.30 pm
Delivery of documents and passports: 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Postal service: 

Postal service may be availed of by sending the visa application, original passport and relevant documents by post to the Embassy address. The visa processing fee may be sent by postal cheque. After processing of visa application, the passport may be received either direct from the Embassy counter or by return post. In case of return by post, the applicant needs to send an envelope with own address on it along with postal fee of Euro 4.00. The postal fee can be paid together with the visa fee as a total by the postal cheque. For postal service, the following address may be used:

Consular Section

Embassy of Bangladesh

Estr. Forte do Alto Duque LT - 1587, 1400-157 Lisbon