Poltical Relations

Political Relations

Bangladesh and Portugal have enjoyed excellent bilateral relations since establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries. Portugal recognized Bangladesh on 20 December 1974.  Since then, Bangladesh had maintained a non-resident diplomatic mission accredited to Portugal from London and later from Paris. Portugal maintained its non-resident mission to Bangladesh from New Delhi. In addition to non-resident diplomatic missions, both the countries also assigned Honorary Consuls/Honorary Consuls General in the Capitals of each other.  The bilateral relations received a boost after opening of the first Bangladesh resident diplomatic mission in Lisbon on 11 July 2012 preceding the appointment of the first resident Ambassador of Bangladesh to Portugal. The Foreign Ministries of the two countries have adopted a mechanism for periodic political consultations between their senior officials and first ever session of political consultations took place in Lisbon on 06 December 2018. The session identified several areas of cooperation such as leadership-level interactions, trade/investment, skill development/vocational training, ocean affairs/blue economy, renewable energy, tourism, ICT, people-to-people contact, etc. The ties of friendship were further strengthened after the Chancery and Ambassador’s Residence of Bangladesh Embassy shifted to the properties purchased by Bangladesh government in Lisbon in December and July 2020 respectively.

The two countries are linked by a vibrant Bangladesh migrant community living in Portugal. The two countries also cooperate at the United Nations and various other multilateral bodies. Portugal and Bangladesh shares similar positions on many global issues such as climate change, migration, counter-terrorism and so on.