Police Clearance Certificate Authorization letter Attestation


General information on Police Clearance Certificate application attestation:

Citizens of Bangladesh can apply for the Police Clearance Certificate from abroad. Applicant needs to send a duly attested application form for the Police Clearance Certificate along with an attested copy of passport. Applicant can download the application form from the “All Forms” tab at this website. Hard copies of Police Clearance Certificate application form are also available at the Embassy’s consular counter.

The attestation of Police Clearance Certificate may be completed on the same day.

The Embassy does not have any agent for processing documents (and for that matter, visa, passport, travel permit or for any other consular service). The service seekers are advised to get in touch with the Embassy direct for all kinds of service.

Process of Police Clearance Certificate Authorization Letter Attestation:

  1. Please submit your documents at the counter. (Applicants can also avail the postal service to send and receive the documents. Please see below for more information regarding postal services.)
  2. Please pay the fees at the counter. You can pay only by cash. Fee for attestation of application is free. However, fee for attestation of passport: Euro 08 Euro
  3. After the submission of your documents and fees at the Embassy counter, a money receipt will be provided to you.

You will get your documents back on the same day. It may also be sent to you by postal service (if you had already sent the paid envelope.)

Documents required for attestation:

Service hours:

On all working days, i.e., Monday to Friday except holidays:
Receiving of documents and passports: 9.30 am - 12.30 pm
Delivery of documents and passports: 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Postal service:

Postal service may be availed of by sending the documents by post to the Embassy address. The attestation fee (for passport) may be sent by postal cheque. After processing of your documents, those may be received either direct from the Embassy counter or by return post. In case of return by post, the applicant needs to send an envelope with own address on it along with postal fee of Euro 03. The postal fee can be paid together with the attestation fee as a total by the postal cheque. For postal service, the following address may be used:

Consular Section

Embassy of Bangladesh

Estr. Forte do Alto Duque LT - 1587, 1400-157 Lisbon